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bird and toad homes


When should I put my bird home out?

If you live in the Northeast your bird home should be out by mid February . Cavity nesters start scoping out new digs fairly early in the season. You know the old saying..."The early bird gets the worm!' In the future, keep in mind to adorn the pine cones, branches or bark of your bird home with Spanish moss, cotton or pieces of yarn so the birds can cozy up their house!

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Where should I put my bird home?

you have options! Most of our homes have beautiful, braided copper wire. Simply hang from desired branch. The wire is very durable, so don't be shy. hang it, twist it, bend it! Get creative! Don't pigeon-hole (pun intended) yourself to a tree. Porches, decks, awnings...anywhere you can hang a hook will suffice!

What type of birds can I hope to attract?

OK so we are sticking with the Northeast Birds for now (that is, until we start to expand our business). The list is long,  however,  I will name a few. Chickadees, Titmice, Woodpeckers, House Sparrows, Tree Swallows, Nuthatches and if you see your bird dwelling full of sticks...rest assured a House Wren has taken up residence!

here is a link to a more detailed list:


When should I take my bird home in?

Cavity nesters only use the bird homes for laying eggs and raising their young.  By early fall all the wee little ones will have already flown the coop...(if only we could all be so lucky!) That being said, my brother and I recommend bringing it in sometime in November. 

How do I clean my bird home?

Depending on which type of home you have purchased there are two ways. You will want to lay down some newspaper and don some latex gloves.  If your home came equipped with a bottom hatch, simply open, pull out contents and discard. If there is no bottom hatch, tilt bird house towards you and pull out old contents through bird hole. Store in a sturdy container.  Be gentle...it is art after all.